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I mentioned/promised bento pictures and here they are.

Now, if you are expecting some professional looking bentos, you expected wrong. My bentos are very simple and quickly done.

This is a 500 ml large bento and inside are: rice, cooked broccoli and turkey grind meat.
The turkey grind meat is quite good. I roast it on union and olive oil, then pack into patent back and put it into a freezer. It's practical when I need something beside vegetable and rice. I just take as much as I need it and it melts by the time for lunch, and even if it didn't, I use microwave at work, so...
The dessert are strawberries and pineapple. I eat mainly that for desert.

Note: If you are buying a bento, regarding the volume, there's a lot of volume charts on the internet and majority of it recommends 500 - 600 ml for women and 600 - 700 ml for men. And I recommend that while buying bento and accessories you are watchful if you can use is in a microwave and in dishwasher.

This bento volume is: the bottom compartment is 200 ml and the upper 250 ml. The contents of the upper bento is rice with layer of canned salmon and with pieces of mozzarella for pizza that melts in the microwave - so yummy. In the other one is a string beans and tofu. Very simple.

This is a 600 ml large bento. Both parts are 300 ml.
There is a plain rice with string beans and cream sauce with onions, powder garlic and parsley (You grill unions on olive oil, add cream, garlic and parsley and cook on a low fire. At the start you can also grill tuna or any kind of meat, or cheese, you can also replace cream with tomato extract or tomato sauce, ... there's so many variety of this sauce and it always comes out so good). The other container has edamame, tofu and pineapple.

The same kind of sauce as the above, except with added salmon, great as a sauce for pasta. The pasta is some whole-wheat thing (I'm avoiding white flour, remember?). There are also string bean and pineapple.

Rice with furitake and pieces of smoked salmon; beans, carrots and cauliflowers with cut out mozzarella for pizza, and, of course, pineapple.

Very simple, right? Will post more next time.
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