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Happy b-day, hon.

I hope you are going to have an amazing b-day and get lots of wonderful gifts.

Haven't draw in a while now and this is my first picture all done by the tablet, but I hope you would like it anyway. *hugs*
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Happy birthday, dear sanadafaye. *throws confetti*

Were are you hiding, you stealth ninja, this day?

I'm so glad that your b-day present came on time, and it's just little something (I hope that it's after your taste), just so you know that I haven't forgot on you or your b-day. Like I would dare. xD
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Happy b-day, dear sphinxofthenile!

I wish you that everything you wish for would come true and of course, a wonderful day and many, many awesome gifts.

And I have found an amazing picture drawn by washu-m, which I think you going to love it (if you haven't stumbled over his/her art already.

And here is more of washu-m's final fantasy art for you to rest your eyes on.

Happy b-day

Jul. 1st, 2009 06:24 am
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Happy b-day, dear [profile] anc_q 

I wish you an awesome b-day!

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for the lovely and precious [livejournal.com profile] sanadafaye.

Happy b-day, hon.

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Happy b-day Dixy )


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