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I put that in here because FP is not very link friendly.

After the draft of the first, actually it was the second story I wrote in English a person from LJ (after I complimented on the structure of her story) directed me toward this treasure (is about action and reaction and about description; and if you look around you can find even more) and after I read it, writing became somehow easier. So if you want to improve your structure, make it easier to read, I recommend it.

And on wikipedia you can found a lot about fiction you just have to use a search window.

Also I have found a little something about writing and some things about writing, about plot and a lovely topic on How to get reviews on FP forum and this and this for everybody that's looking for betas... didn't try it yet, so can't give you any feed-back and besides I don't think I'll try... there's not a lot of betas for slash and lemons.

There's also the A guide for fantasy writers to create three dimensional characters, avoid clichés, design cultures and develop magic systems by Marie Silver
What: dos and don'ts, tricks and treats, and questions that aren't asked enough. How: with extreme prejudice, snark and heartless cruelty. Based on author's subjective opinions: not a friendly, patient guide. No, I don't hate fantasy by Winterfox 
Some thoughts on description in fiction and how to handle it. by The Mumbling Sage (You can find a lot of things on her account).
Ruatha's Grammar Review by RuathaWehrling (I found this very helpful)

(Looks at the links above and at her Writing basic.) One would think that after reading all of those links and a lots and lots of books on that theme (well actually it was just eight of them); and also after writing the tips about it (a little something, spiced with a lots of grammar mistakes), that my fics would be really great and that I actually know what I’m doing… damn, I wish, I only wish.:P (Now I'm depressed.) 


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