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I rarely go to my profile, but today I went and I noticed there are some new names under Friend of. (I have the notice about new adds disabled, so…)
I don’t really have any Comment if you want to be added post, so I think I’m going to use this one.
If anybody out there wants to be added on my f-list, leave a comment, preferably with the reason why you friend-ed  me or where have you meet me or even both.
I will add you, but the question is if you are going to stay on my f-list, cause you see, I like a two way relationship, I like to comment and I like to receive comments and also I like to keep my f-list light, so that I can really focus on the people that are on it and if you don’t comment on any of my post (I have to add here, I don’t really post a lot of entries, one per week or even less) in five months time, then you are probably going to be deleted from it.
I’m also going to use this opportunity as a notice to the ones that I’m not in contact anymore, to the ones that don’t/didn't  grab my hand when I reach/ed out.  I’m sorry but since, due to I don’t know, different interest, hobbies, … or we just didn’t click, there has been lack of communication between us and I just don’t see a reason why I should keep you on my f-list.
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